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35 Beauty Websites That’ll Inspire You in 2021

Beauty websites are the best place to go for a little retail therapy. The self-care benefit is twofold: you get to buy beauty products from the sites you love, and when your package arrives, you get to try them out!

Top beauty websites provide more than just makeup. Find your beauty inspiration on this list of shops that sell gadgets, nutritional supplements, beard-care solutions, and more. If you find something that tickles your fancy, these shops are also for sale on the Exchange Marketplace.

Are you ready to branch out from your regular self-care routine? Find your new favorite treatment on this list of top beauty websites that’ll inspire you in 2021.

35 Beauty Websites That’ll Inspire You


VIVII is a beauty website that offers everything you need for a glamorous look. Glittery eyeshadow palettes and bright lip colors are only the beginning. On this site, you’ll also find face makeup, skincare, lashes, and accessories to round out your look.

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2. Revival Soap Project

Soaps from this site don’t just keep customers squeaky clean—they also help the charitable efforts of organizations like PAWS Chicago and Operation Warm. A portion of every sale goes to a charity. Scents include Lavender Shea Butter, Coconut Orange, and even a special bar of soap for washing your furry dog friends.

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3. Blackhead Care

Blackhead Care offers a powerful solution to blackhead issues: an electronic cleaning device that sucks the blackheads right out of your pores. If you’re not ready for something so intense, this beauty website also offers manual cleaning tools and blackhead-removal strips.

4. GirlBrush

Upgrade your makeup brush set with a brand new set from Girlbrush. Choose from a pretty pink or natural bamboo set, and pick up a brush cleaning tool to go with it. Eco-friendly makeup lovers can also find a zero-waste reusable “cotton” swab to add to their order.

5. Noma Moma

Nobody needs self-care products more than new moms, and Noma Moma delivers. Amongst the site’s wide selection of baby products, moms can find products like StretchPatch, a special lotion for erasing stretch marks, and unrefined shea butter.

6. Dbldipnails

Who needs a nail salon when you can do your dip manicure at home? Dbldipnails makes the latter possible. After picking up your starter kit, branch out into glitter and neon dips. If you’re new to the world of dip manicures, don’t fret. The Dbldipnails beauty website provides tutorials so you can get the best use out of the products.

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7. Lite Derma

If you’re looking for a futuristic skincare solution, try Lite Derma. Using Lite Derma Professional LED Light Therapy Mask to shine different colors of light onto your skin can yield various benefits depending on the color. Use green light on oily skin, blue light to prevent acne, white light for an even skin tone, etc. One device provides all color benefits.

8. Bombshell

Bombshell is a beauty product website selling sets of hair care products that work together to keep your hair long and healthy. Choose your combination of nutritional supplements, hair serums, and eyebrow serums that will keep your mane in good shape.

9. Waxyful

Everything you need to get started with at-home waxing can be found on the Waxyful site. Get the professional-level care you’re craving with your own wax melting kit, and don’t worry about running out of wax—you can always stock up on more wax beans on the site.

10. CinchBags

CinchBags are a cute and clever solution for girls on the go. The site’s signature product—a drawstring cosmetic travel bag—comes in plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. The bags make it easy to tidy up all of your makeup quickly—just pull the drawstring closed and toss the CinchBag in your suitcase, and you’re good to go!


Calling all ghouls and goblins! Everyday is Halloween on Special effects makeup for ultimate gore, glittery face paint and stencils, and plenty of props and accessories to complete your spooky look are all available year-round on this discount beauty website. Check out the blog for makeup inspiration as well.

12. Black Comb Beards

Black Comb Beards dedicates their business to combatting what it calls “the big three” beard frustrations: dry skin, itch, and grease. Customers can pick up products to clean, maintain, and style their beards on the site. For those just getting started, Black Comb Beards offers a bundle that includes everything you need to get started, complete with a toiletry bag for traveling.

13. Monody

Most beauty websites tend to focus on self-care from the outside-in. Websites like Monody, however, think about beauty the other way around. Browse the supplements provided (often at a discount) on the site and you’ll learn all about their nutritional benefits. The secret to a perfect head of hair could be as simple as a little vitamin B-12.

14. Sweat More

What if you could take your workout routine to the next level with EMS technology? Sweat More’s EMS devices help stimulate your muscles so you can get more out of each workout. Browse the body trainers available on the site and choose one to target your abs, arms, or butt, or buy a set of all three.

15. Woman Body Shape

Woman Body Shape offers shapewear for women of all sizes. Sometimes a corset is all you need to look and feel great. Have a wedding coming up? Pick up all-around shapewear to help you rock your dress. Are you looking for some casual, shapely athleisure wear? Woman Body Shape also offers cute, waist-high leggings.


16. EyelashesWare

“The original magnetic eyelash set” is available through this beauty product site. Magnetic lashes are a durable and waterproof solution for anyone who loves faux lashes but hates gluing them onto their eyelids. Each set ordered from EyelashesWare comes with a tool that curls your natural lashes as well.


17. Royal Crown Wigs

Find your beauty inspiration on Royal Crown Wigs—a shop that provides customers with all things hair. From specialty wigs to hair extensions, both natural and colorful, Royal Crown Wigs has something for everybody—and the site also wants to make sure customers know what they’re doing with the product. The “Crown 101” page helps you choose the correct texture, color, and length of your new hair.


18. Fresh Teeth Whitening

No amount of makeup can make up for the lack of a bright smile. Luckily, Fresh Teeth Whitening is a beauty website dedicated to helping you maintain your pearly whites. Browse the products available on the site, and find a solution that works for you—whether it’s activated charcoal or LED light.


19. LindaTop

This beauty website’s signature item is the “ultrasonic deep face cleaning scrubber.” It uses deep skin cleansing to clear up blackheads, soften wrinkles, and tighten your skin. Additionally, the product gives you a gentle facial massage.


20. Posture Buddy

Finding the perfect makeup or self-care routine helps you find more confidence in everyday life. Posture should be a part of it. While fixing your posture is easier said than done, Posture Buddy is here to help. You can purchase a wearable posture-corrector on the site, as well as a back-stretching device and orthopedic pillow to supplement it.


21. 24K Gold Face

24K Gold Face is the go-to beauty website for facial gadgets. Wrinkle-removes, jade rollers, LED facial devices, and more are available. Browse the devices and choose the one most likely to make you look and feel golden.


22. Ginger 180

Across the world, people far and wide know about the medicinal benefits of ginger root. Ginger 180 has a curated collection of ginger-based products that can help you take advantage of these benefits. They sell beauty products like ginger shampoo and detox patches as well as tools like a shredder and grinder for using ginger in your kitchen.


23. Total Clarity Cosmetics

You can find all-around beauty inspiration on Total Clarity Cosmetics. Browse products of all sorts in this online shop—unique makeup items, skincare tools, bath and shower products, aromatherapy devices, and more, all in one place. Giftcards are also available.


24. BabyAmyCo

According to the questions and answers section of the BabyAmyCo beauty website, the BabyAmyCo hair-removal device uses “IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is a modern type of laser hair removal used for long-term, pain-free hair removal.” It’s a cute, small, yet effective tool that leaves skin hairless and soft—just like a baby.


25. Mond Products

Mond Products exclusively sells a hair conditioner product developed by California-based hairdresser Philippe Schaedler. The mask itself helps repair hair, lock in color, and maintain a shiny texture. If you’re looking for a long-term hair solution, give the Luminous Repair Masque a shot.


26. The One Deal Jar

The One Deal Jar’s signature product is a heated beard-combing device that helps you straighten and maintain your beard. The hair grooming tool uses negative ion energy to ensure that the heat does not damage your facial hair. Once you finish grooming your face, you can even use it for the hair on top of your head.


27. Nettle House

The “teatox” products available on Nettle House provide you with “a natural way to love your body.” The all-natural ingredients that go into the site’s 14-day product system include moringa leaves, cassia seeds, lotus leaves, and oolong tea—read up on the benefits of each component on the website and get ready to detox and lose some weight.


28. Brush Maid

Brush Maid claims to be the “world’s best brush cleaner,” and offers a 30-day guarantee on that. Browse the website to see for yourself. Brush Maid also stocks brushes and cosmetic bags—all essential accessories for getting the most out of your favorite beauty products.


29. Doctor Ollo

Self-care starts with getting enough sleep, but some of us need the perfect pillow to do that. This online shop offers a complete line of orthopedic pillow products, including leg pillows, weighted blankets, and acupressure mats to help you improve the quality of your sleep and alleviate pain in the neck and back.

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30. Sapo Company

A family-owned and operated soap company, Sapo Company, provides natural, organic soaps to its customers. Either make a one-time purchase or subscribe to monthly organic soap deliveries. Herbal scents like Thyme Garden, Patchouli Love, and Peppermint Leaf add an aromatherapy aspect to the site’s cleansing product.

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31. Get Into The Limelight

Get Into The Limelight offers a line of sunless tanning products, including pre-tan scrubs and exfoliation mitts. Whether you prefer a spray-on product or mousse, you can find it on this beauty product site. Items are available for purchase individually or in bundles on this beauty website.

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32. Shapeshift

Shapeshift is “the first miracle DIY facelift mask.” The product is worth a shot from anyone looking for a facelift but apprehensive about getting cosmetic surgery. If your experience is anything like the testimonials on the Shapeshift site, you will be satisfied.

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33. Trim Kings

Let’s face it—most men don’t want to put much effort into their grooming routine. Trim Kings, one of the beauty websites for men, wants “to make taking care of your looks an experience rather than a chore.” With the Trim Kings Pro tool, shaving and grooming are easy and fun.

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34. The Bunny Care

This website offers a teeth whitening solution guaranteed to make your teeth two shades whiter. Go for either the teeth-whitening pen or a full kit of whitening products to combat your yellow teeth and turn your frown into a glowing smile.

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35. Lush Brush

Kiss frizz and heat damage goodbye with the safe, quick, and effective Lush Brush. Using this tool, you can style and dry your hair all at once, saving time. Whether you want straight hair or are going for a wavy look, the round shape of the Lush Brush can help you achieve the hair of your dreams in mere minutes.

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Each beauty website on this list offers its own unique set of products meant to help you look and feel great. Maybe you found a new bathroom gadget to experiment with or a life-changing nutritional supplement. At the very least, you gained some beauty inspiration from one of these beauty websites.

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