Profitable Hobbies

Profitable Hobbies: 19 Hobbies That Make Money

Who doesn’t dream about making money in their free time? These days many of us are looking for ways to make extra cash. Hobbies that make money can be a great way to increase your income. You’ll be able to have the freedom to work around your schedule. Although your day job might help you cover the utilities, a profitable hobby in your spare time can be the game-changer that improves your financial wellbeing. So, here are some hobbies that can make you some side income or even become a business.

19 Hobbies That Make Money

Here’s a list of hobbies that make money yet are also fun and fulfilling.

1. Dog Walking

You love dogs, and they love you, so offering dog walking services can be a fun way to make a bit of money. Dog owners all over the world sometimes get busy and are willing to pay others to walk their little furballs. You can get started by posting notices in Facebook groups or local community boards offering your services as a dog walker. Another way to find clients is to sign up with a pet services website like Rover. These sites enable you to mark your available days and hours, so that you can place requests only for times you can work. Walking canines can earn you $15 to $30 per hour and doesn’t require any significant changes in your lifestyle if you’re walking your own dog anyway.

Dog Walking

2. Sewing

Have you noticed how much tailors charge for mending and making small alterations to clothes? Sewing for a hobby will save you money on repairs and is also a great form of therapy. Plus, there are several ways you can monetize your talent in sewing. For instance, you can offer to personalize specific garments or clothing as per customers’ needs. People may request that you put embroidery on pieces, repair damaged zippers, and more. And when you’re used to this kind of service, you can branch out into crafts that make money. Some profitable crafts that you can try making include laptop sleeves, reusable snack packs, and handmade pillow covers. You can sell these wares in the local market or online via your own Shopify store.

3. Video Gaming

Next up for profitable hobbies that make money? Play video games. Aspiring gamers love watching other talented individuals play, especially if they’re entertaining to watch. You can monetize your passion for video games by launching a live stream channel where you share your gameplay footage in real-time. After you gain a following, you can ask your audience for donations, monetize with ads, or offer memberships where people pay to access certain content. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are two of the biggest live streaming platforms for gaming enthusiasts. Another way to make money from your love of gaming is to start a gaming podcast. To stand out from other podcasters, focus your episodes on the latest developments in a particular video game genre.

4. Fishing

If you own a fishing rod, you’ve got a few ways to turn fishing into one of your hobbies that make money. While you can sign up to participate in fishing tournaments, this can restrict you to local competitions and gigs. For a more profitable business venture, consider opening an online store where you can sell fishing equipment to other hobbyists. With software like Shopify, you can set up a branded fishing store and start selling online. There’s also the option to buy a pre-built fishing store if you’re looking to start quickly. For example, Exchange has a range of fishing stores that you can use to set up a business. When it comes to inventory, you can source products from local suppliers or use a dropshipping agent to send equipment directly to your customers.

5. Driving

Do you enjoy getting behind the wheel? Would you rather listen to your favorite music on your car’s stereo than on your smartphone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to explore the many different Uber and Lyft jobs that you could do in your spare time. What’s great about driving for these companies is that you can pick your own schedule, so if you’re free at certain times of the day, you can use the apps and find people to drive around. It can potentially make you $17.50 to $30 per hour, depending on your vehicle type. Driving is also one of the best money-making hobbies for retirees as it provides the flexibility and income that you may need in retirement.

6. Fitness

Exercising and staying in shape is more than a hobby for some; it’s a way of life. If you belong to such a clan of fitness enthusiasts, you can easily make money by becoming a personal trainer. The rise of popular health movements like CrossFit and BootCamp workouts means that people are getting more concerned about their weight and health, so you’ll get several opportunities to train others. To become a personal trainer, you’ll need a certification from a respected fitness organization like the ACE (American Council on Exercise). This certification can cost between $400 and $600, which is a small expense for something that can earn you up to $80-$100 per hour. Once you become certified, you can set up a website and promote your services on social media platforms to attract new clients.

7. Writing

If you have a knack for writing, then there are all kinds of opportunities available for you. Writing is one of the best hobbies that make money online because you don’t need any special equipment or tools to get started. The most obvious way to monetize this skill is to sell it as a service, but you can also create your own website and earn money through affiliates if you have the discipline and know how to write good blog content. To get your first clients, make an account on websites like Upwork and Fiverr or reach out to site owners directly for paid gigs. You can charge around $10-$15 per hour when you start, and once you get some experience under your belt, you may increase your rate to $25-$40 per hour.

8. Magic

Who isn’t intrigued by a magician when they see one? Some people are keen enough to pursue magic on a professional scale. Most of us, though, are content with a few tricks that may impress a friend or someone we meet at the company dinner. Fortunately, that’s all you need to start making money as a part-time magician. Performing at children’s birthday parties can get you some sweet side income while giving you the confidence to pursue other opportunities. Party magicians typically earn $210-$350 for a 30- to 60-minute performance, but you’ll probably need to charge less when starting out. As one of the hobbies that make money, you can try brushing your magic skills so that you’re able to sell your services at a higher price. An easy way to do this is to learn from professionals through platforms like Skillshare and Take Lessons.

9. Woodworking

If you make things out of wood for fun and have access to the right tools, you can make money by producing finely crafted items that sell for an attractive price. For example, you can build a simple picnic table or a wooden framed chalkboard and post the project on Facebook. Another option is to design and promote a specific product under your brand. Woodies, for instance, is a brand that sells wooden sunglasses in various styles. You can take a similar approach by coming up with your product idea and creating an online store where you can list and sell your items. But if you’re also interested in the idea of sunglasses, Exchange has starter stores that you can use to establish an online presence. Most of these stores already boast a modern design, so all you need to do is to list your products and start selling.

10. Photography

Do you have a way with the camera and love taking pictures in your free time? Get paid to shoot for companies by offering your services as a freelance photographer. Businesses are always looking for high-quality images, and you can supply them with that by doing shoots for a fee. Birthdays, weddings, and newborn photos are some other areas to consider. As one of the hobbies that make money, photography can earn you $16 to $25 per hour, depending on your portfolio and skills. There are also websites you can sell your photos to. Companies like Shopify’s Burst offer a platform where you can submit original images and get paid for your photos. If you have a knack for candid shots and a thing for close-ups, you can make good money from this website.

11. Teaching

If you enjoy teaching and hold a bachelor’s degree, there’s no limit to the ways you can earn money. One of the most profitable options is registering on an online tutoring website. These platforms allow you to connect with students from all corners of the world and teach a range of subjects. As an online tutor, you can easily make between $16 and $20 per hour when starting out. Another way to make money with teaching is to create and upload your courses on online learning portals like Shopify’s Compass. These websites require people to register and pay for the courses they take to earn good money through them. You may also choose to outsource some courses to other teachers who create and market the curriculum on your behalf to earn some passive income.

12. Painting Nails

One of the most fun hobbies that make money involves decorating other people’s nails. If you’ve always enjoyed painting your nails, this talent can bring in some extra cash. Nail art and perfectly done nails are very picturesque, so make sure to capture and share your work via Instagram and Pinterest. You can also create Facebook ads and gear them towards prospects exclusively in your local area. Ensure the visuals on your page are attractive and consider offering a small discount to anyone who comments on your samples. It’s also a good idea to network with hairstylists and other non-competing referral sources. As a nail artist, you can earn between $10 and $12 in the initial days, and more once you gain some experience.

13. Shopping

If you like to shop until you drop, you probably picked up a wealth of skills that could benefit others. You can promote your expertise in forums, social media websites, and other places where people may be scoping out a seasoned shopper like you to help guide their purchases. Certain groups of people, like working professionals and homebound seniors, will hire you to do their groceries and manage their other shopping needs. As a personal shopper, you can make between $18 to $23 per hour while visiting stores and picking up items for your clients. Another way to monetize your love for shopping is to take up mystery shopping. Some companies pay you to buy products and provide feedback on the customer service you received. MarketForce, BestMark, and Intelli-shop are some of the best companies that pay mystery shoppers.

14. Reading

If you think that letting hours drift by with a good book could never get you some extra cash, you’re mistaken. Bookworms all over the world can get paid for screening manuscripts and synopses for publishers and agents. You can also become a book reviewer and earn cash for your thoughts. The payout would depend entirely on the book you’re tasked to review and the website you’re working on. Besides joining book review websites, you can also explore job websites for potential reading gigs. One last thought is to create audiobooks so you can earn royalties from different publishers.

15. Gardening

If you’re looking for hobbies that make money from home, you don’t have to look any further than your garden. You can grow your own produce and sell it in flea markets, farmer’s markets, or online. You might be surprised to learn how much others are willing to pay for your fresh veggies and fruits. As a gardening enthusiast, you can also sell products to help people indulge in their gardening hobbies. This requires you to create an online store and source a versatile range of gardening accessories. If you’re looking to start quickly, you can buy a garden tools store through Exchange and then use a dropshipping app like Oberlo to find gardening supplies to sell. Aside from using your garden and tools to make money, you could also provide services to help others maintain their yard, like pruning and weeding.

16. Instagramming

Do you find yourself spending lots of time on Instagram? Well, you can get paid to manage other people’s Instagram profiles. Many entrepreneurs don’t get the time to actively manage and post on their accounts, and they’ll pay you to take over these efforts. As an Instagram manager, you can earn $15 to $25 per hour, per client. If you’re dedicated to learning the fundamentals, mastering Instagram ads is one of the quickest ways to boost the appeal of your services. Alternatively, you can teach audiences how to improve their Instagram profiles. You can start a blog, launch a podcast, or create a YouTube channel for the purpose. The money, in this case, would come from ads, blog sponsorships, and paid courses. You can also provide one on one classes to brand managers who’re interested in boosting their company’s following.

17. Computer repair

If fixing computers is your favorite pastime, you can launch a computer repair business to earn a sustainable income. First up, decide how you’ll offer your PC repair service. Will you go to people’s homes? Will you operate from your basement and ask clients to send in their machines? Once you get this part sorted, you can apply for a business license, if required by your state. However, starting a computer repair business is not something you should do on a whim. Make sure to create a solid business plan, design promotional activities, and get small business insurance to streamline your new venture. Another way to make money from your love of computers is to become a freelance computer repair technician. By repairing peripherals and equipment for people, you can make $10 and $23 per hour.

18. Painting 

Whether you enjoy painting sceneries, portraits, or pictures of your family, you can transform your love for paints into a small business. For example, you can create a few pieces of art and sell your works on your own Shopify store. You can also sell copies of your art in the form of t-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, and more. If you’re looking for a smooth transition from paint to product, print on demand apps might be a good company to work with. They can transfer your artwork to t-shirts, stationery, mugs, and so much more.

19. Flipping

If you’re fond of discovering undervalued items and selling them for a profit, you may not need to look for profitable hobbies that make money. You already have one: flipping. As a hobbyist flipper, you can flip a wide range of assets to make some extra bucks. From textbooks to upholstered furniture to antiques and collectibles, there’s a host of options for increasing your income. There’s also the option to turn flipping into one of the hobbies that make money online by starting a website flipping business. This is where you buy a high-potential website, increase its appeal, and then sell it for a profit. In terms of earnings, you can make 10-24x of a website’s existing revenue, so if a site you own is making $600 a month after all expenses, you can sell it between $6,000 and $14,400. To start quickly, read our guide, How to Start a Website Flipping Business.


There you have it, a list of 19 profitable hobbies that make money. Most of these things require little to no investment to get started and can be done online or from home. And the fact that most of these ideas are things people tend to do for fun hints at the type of money-making opportunities you can pursue using your own interest and passion as your fuel. Whether you are looking to start a business, or simply looking to make a bit of extra money on the side, there are ways to profit from your favorite pastimes. Depending on how you leverage your talents and interest, you can create anything from a side hustle with a decent income to a full-fledged business with recurring profits.

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