Vikram Aur Betaal 1985 Story, Question & Answer In English

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Summary of Vikram Aur Betaal

Vikram Aur Betaal is based on ‘Betaal Pachisi‘, written in the 11th century by Kashmiri poet Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the witty ghost Betaal. Vikramaditya was a great king who ruled over a prosperous kingdom from his capital at Ujjain. He had immense love for learning as well as for adventure. He was brave, fearless, and with a strong will. Every day many visitors used to visit the king and gift him something. The King used to accept all the gifts with the same courtesy. Among such visitors was a mendicant who presented the king with fruit on every visit.

King Vikramaditya used to hand over the fruit to the royal storekeeper. One day while handling the fruit, it broke and from the pop came out a handy ball of a ruby. The King was surprised. He ordered to check all the fruits, and from all fruits came out a fine ruby. The King decided to meet the mendicant. However, the mendicant had set a condition that the King must meet him under a Banyan tree in the center of the cremation ground beyond the city, at night, on the 14th day of the dark half of the month. King met him as decided. The King asked the mendicant why he was doing this. The mendicant tells that there is a task that only a King like Vikrmaditya can perform. King Vikramaditya had to visit the northernmost corner of this ground where he would find a very ancient tree. There would be a corpse hanging from one of its branches. He would have to fetch it for the mendicant, as the mendicant was seeking certain occult powers which he would get only if a king brought this particular corpse to him and if he would practice certain rites sitting on it. According to the legend the King Vikramaditya, in order to fulfill a vow, was required to remove a corpse of Betaal from a treetop and carry it on his shoulder to another place in silence. En route, the spirit of Betaal (in the corpse) used to narrate a story to the king and after completing the story Betaal would pose a query that if he (The king) knew the answer, was bound to respond lest he will break his head into thousand pieces. But if he does speak out, he would break the vow of silence and Betaal would fly back to the treetop, leaving the king inches short of his destination! The king would go after the vampire and start all over again. And so on and so on and so on. As the name ‘Betaal Pachisi’ suggests the Betaal told King 25 stories. (‘Pachisi’ (Hindi) is derived from the word ‘Pachis’ in Hindi which means twenty-five) . However, looking at the determination of the king Vikramaditya, Betaal finally disclosed the true motive of the mendicant.

The mendicant’s plan was to practice certain rites sitting on Betaal but he would kill the King, to get all the powers of world. This created suspicion in Vikramaditya’s mind. However, he still went to the mendicant, but he was prepared for a surprise. Betaal proved to be right and the mendicant tried to kill Vikramaditya. However, Vikramaditya outwitted the mendicant and killed him.

Vikram Aur Betaal Main Cast

  • Arun Govil – as Vikram or King Vikramaditya.
  • Sajjan – as Betaal or Vetala (ghost).

Vikram Aur Betaal Serial All 26 Episodes Links

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 1 – “King Vikramaditya and the Yogi / Suryamal and His Bride’s Dilemma”

Short Summary : The first episode is about how Raja Vikramaditya and Betaal meet. Beetal tells him a story of Suryamal, who falls in love with a woman and marries her with her parents’ consent. En route to home, dacoits attack and behead Suryamal and his friend. Suryamal’s bride, a devout worshipper of the goddess Durga, tries to commit suicide after seeing her husband dead. Goddess answers her prayers and decides to bring them both alive. Excited with joy, the bride puts Suryamal’s head on his friend’s body and vice versa.

Question: Betaal asks, who should the bride now consider as her husband; the man who has Suryamal’s head or Suryamal’s body?

Answer: Vikram answers, as the brain controls the whole man, the man with Suryamal’s head is the bride’s husband.

Other Cast of episode 1

  • Balwant Bansal as Mantri
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as the bride’s father
  • Gagan Gupta as soldier
  • Satish Kaul as Suryamal

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 2 – “King Rupsen and His Bodyguard Virvar”

Short Summary: Virvar with his mighty physical strength gains the position of being bodyguard to King Rupsen. But he charges him a hefty sum of 9 tolas of gold daily. One day the goddess of wealth (Raj Laxmi) tells Virvar that a demon who sleeps in a cave will soon wake up and eat the king to satisfy his hunger. Being king’s bodyguard, Virvar along with his family decides to sacrifice their lives and hence enter the cave. After knowing what Virvar did to save his life, King Rupsen feels ashamed of not doing his duty of protecting his masses and he too enters the cave. The goddess of wealth comes and tells them all of how it was all her plan to test Virvar if he really was loyal as he charged a huge amount.

Question: Betaal asks Vikram – Between King Rupsen and Virvar whose sacrifice is greater?

Answer: Vikram answers – It was Virvar’s duty to protect the king and he did duty by protecting King Rupsen, whereas King Rupsen had no such obligation towards Virvar. Hence King Rupsen’s sacrifice was greater.

Other Cast of episode 2

  • Dara Singh as Virvar
  • Madhu Kapoor as Raj Laxmi

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 3 – “Love Story of King Yashodhan”

Short Summary: King Yashodhan is a just and kind king of his kingdom. He is well trusted by his army, commanders, and courtiers. But, Yashodhan is also well-skilled in punishing the culprits. He does so by punishing a businessman who had brought the nautch girls for his luxury. In his kingdom, there lived a rich couple who plans to marry their beautiful and able daughter off to the king. They send an invitation to the King, in return the king sends his darbaris to inspect the girl whether she is qualified enough to be the Queen. The Darbaris does so and think positively about her. But on their return way to the palace, the evil businessman convinced the Darbaris that the girl can’t be queen as if the girl is beautiful then the king will not pay attention to his duties. So, the Darbaris lies to the king about the girl. As a result, the king brokes the proposal of marriage with the girl. After some time, the same rich man arranges his daughter marriage with the King’s Commander. He engages his daughter with the commander and they fall in love with each other. One day, the girl’s beauty caught the king’s eye. He sends his ministers and commander to search the girl and ask her hand for the king. This puts a dilemma situation to the commander as his loyalty to the king is tested. As a result, he broke off with the girl and sacrifices her, and tells the king that she is ready for marriage with the king. On the wedding day, the darbaris advise the king to reward the commander after being asked why so, the darbaris put the whole truth to the king. As the king was just he arranges the marriage of the commander and the very girl. Thus, sacrificing her.

Question: Whose sacrifice is bigger and greater the king’s or the commander’s?

Answer: The commander’s sacrifice is bigger and greater as he sacrificed his love and fiancée for sake of loyalty and kingdom whereas the king sacrifices only a girl he wished to marry by simply catching her glimpse.

Other Cast of episode 3

  • Vijay Arora as Yashodhan
  • Rajni Bala as Girl’s mother
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Girl’s father
  • Mohan Choti as Darbari
  • Satish Kaul as Senapati
  • Kaajal Kiran as Rich man’s daughter
  • Chandrakant Pandya as Darbari
  • Mulraj Rajda as Kausal Sen

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 4 – “Three Suitors and Somprabha”

Short Summary: Somprabha is a beautiful and multi-talented girl ready age to get married. Her father, mother, and brother were happy for her and wanted to get her married. But, a giant demon has also vowed and promised them that he will take her away. This tensed the whole family. After some days, Somprabha’s Father was travelling when group of bandits attacked his group then, a handsome and brave warrior, Vir Singh saved them with his weaponry and physical strength. Father gets impressed and offers him to marry his daughter which he accepts. Somprabha’s mother also meets a poet who had written about her charm, the mother also offers him the same and he also accepted. At the same time, brother also offers the same to an engineer who had built a Viman, who also accepts. At the time of the official matchmaking ceremony, all three suitors arrive and the bride is given the choice of choosing her betrothed. Alas, the giant demon arrives and abducts Somprabha, much to the dismay of her family and three suitors. The suitors then decide to go after the demon, as the poet knows the place where the demon lives. Using the engineer’s Viman, all three arrive at the demon’s place and the warrior manages to defeat the demon. With Somprabha in tow, all of them go back safely to her home. Somprabha now faces a dilemma on whom to pick as her husband.

Question: Who should Somprabha marry? The warrior, the poet, or the engineer?

Answer: As a husband should be able to protect his wife from all forms of danger, the warrior is most worthy among the three as he alone was able to defeat and save Somprabha from the demon.

Other Cast of episode 4

  • Vijay Arora as Anuragi
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Somprabha’s Father
  • Satish Kaul as Shilpi
  • Kaajal Kiran as Somprabha
  • Sunil Lahri as Vir Singh
  • Mulraj Rajda as the Giant
  • Dharmesh Tiwari as Somprabha’s Brother

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 5 – “The Story of Padmavati and Prince Vajramukti”

Short Summary: Summary:Prince Vajramukti is a handsome Prince of a Kingdom.He is in friendship with his Diwan(Minister)’s Son.One day, both wandered around the forest where the Prince sees a beautiful girl and is smitten by her beauty. He asked her about her name, address, and her father’s occupation by which she replied by pointing herself with a lotus, touching her ear and acting as if uprooting the tooth. This puzzles Vajramukti and he asks his friend about it who easily solves the puzzles and knows her whereabouts in Karnapur as Dentist’s daughter and named Padmavati. Then he finds her and proposes marriage, which she accepts. But, the King of Karnapur is also smitten by her and intends to marry her. Vajramukti is angered by it but his friend advised a peaceful way of solving the problem. The Diwan’s son disguised as a thief steals Padmavati’s Jewelry and then again disguised as a sage goes to king and says that the girl with the particular jewelry has enticed him sexually. This enraged the king and he immediately exiles Padmavati who is then happily married to Vajramukti.

Question: Who is more sinful and culprit among the three Prince, Diwan’s Son or the King?

Answer: The king is more sinful as Prince has loved the girl and Diwan’s son is only helping his friend but the King had exiled an innocent girl without any proof or evidence.

Other Cast of episode 5

  • Rajni Bala as Dai Ma
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Diwan’s son
  • Satish Kaul as Prince Vajramukti
  • Rama Vij as Padmavati

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 6 – “Rich Girl Accepts Thief as Husband “

Short Summary: Summary:King Veerketu is king of Ayodhya. He is tensed as his kingdom is rampaged by an unknown thief. He decides to nab the thief himself by disguising himself as a thief himself. Meanwhile, a rich girl Manna meets a young man. The man impresses her with his unique acrobatic and physical skills and talent. Manna begins to like him and vice versa. Manna has a record of rejecting several qualified men as her suitor. Then the very night, the king(disguised) meets the thief (same young man) and befriends him. Then the thief reveals that he wanted to be a soldier but the corruption of ministers has kept him far from his aim. Then the king reveals himself and nabs him. He is put on trial. Then, Manna’s father vows to protect the thief as her daughter loved him and Manna wanted to marry him. This declaration makes the thief cry and laugh simultaneously. After learning all the truth and sake of friendship with the thief, Veerkutu released the thief and appoints him his Commander.

Question: Why the thief cries and laughs simultaneously after hearing the declaration of the Rich Man?

Answer: The thief cries because as he knew he can’t repay the deeds of the Manna and her father as he is going to die, and he laughed because he couldn’t believe in his fate as Manna liked him over other qualified suitors.

Other Cast of episode 6

  • Vijay Arora as King Veerketu
  • Puneet Issar as Thief
  • Mulraj Rajda as Ratnasen
  • Rama Vij as the Rich Girl


Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 7 – “King Chandrasen and His Servant Satvasheel”

Short Summary: Summary: Satvasheel has been looking for a job at the royal courthouse but of no avail. Finally, one day, he comes face to face with a weary king in the jungle. Satvasheel offers the king some water and amla. The king accepts the simple offering but remembers the good deed done by a stranger. The king then appoints Satvasheel to his court, where Satvasheel grows and becomes an important part of. One day, the king sends Satvasheel to explore the kingdom around him. As directed, Satvasheel journeys on into the deep seas, only to find a secret kingdom. He fearlessly approaches the kingdom, is greeted by the queen of the kingdom, and spends some time with them. The king’s apprentices wait for Satvasheel but after not hearing back from him for a while, return to the kingdom. A few days later, Satvasheel emerges from a pond in front of the king. Satvasheel then proceeds to provide details of his adventures with the kingdom under water. The King now wants to explore it by himself and takes Satvasheel along with him to the land under the sea. There the king and Satvasheel bravely fight off security guards and take over the kingdom. The king decides that Satvasheel should marry the queen of the newly acquired kingdom and in this way, repays the loan of the two amla fruits Satvasheel had given to the king that one dreary afternoon.

Question: Who is the bravest of the two? Satvasheel or the king?

Answer: Satvasheel is the braver of the two. Satvasheel had no idea what he was getting himself into when he jumped into the waters of the sea to find out more about the kingdom. But he still showed no doubt and jumped straight in. The king had been informed of the dangers that might possibly have been in the kingdom at the sea and was thus prepared. Bravery can be measured by the actions of a man who does not know what he is getting himself into.

Other Cast of episode 7

  • Vijay Arora as King Chandrasen
  • Satish Kaul as Satvasheel
  • Rama Vij as the Sea Princess

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 8 – “Three Sensitive Brothers “

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 8

  • Rajni Bala as the Court Singer
  • Sunil Lahri as the First Brother
  • Sameer Rajda as Second Brother
  • Babloo Mukherjee as Third Brother
  • Mulraj Rajda as the King

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 9 – “The Husband, the Thief, and the Lover “

Short Summary: A young man was madly in love with Madan Sena and swears to give up his life if she doesn’t come to meet him on the next full moon. Meanwhile Madan Sena’s parents have her marriage arranged and she is married to a different man before the fateful day. She moves in with her husband and one day two thieves enter her new home, hoping to steal some valuables. One of thief sees Madan Sena and impressed by her beauty hopes to one day marry someone like her and settle down. Soon the fateful day approaches, and Madan Sena afraid that her lover might actually end his life, decides to go meet him. She asks permission from her husband who to her surprise lets her go out to meet this man on her first wedding night. The husband however disguises himself and follows her at a distance with a sword. On the way to meet the lover, she meets the thief who tells her that since she has left her married home, she now belongs to him. However she begs to see the lover and is allowed to go on the condition that she will come back to him soon. She then meets the lover who cannot believe that Madan Sena had kept her word. However seeing the vermillion on her head he realizes that she is married now. As a result, the lover decides to give up on Madan Sena because she is now married to someone else and he would not partake of this sin. On the way back she meets the thief as promised, and he is surprised to find out the extraordinary stories of the two men. He is so moved by these stories that he decides to let Madan Sena go against his baser instinct.

Question: Which of three men made the biggest sacrifice?

Answer: The thief because his sacrifice was selfless and that is how sacrifices should be.

Other Cast of episode 9

  • Vijay Arora as the Husband
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as the Thief
  • Satish Kaul as the Lover
  • Sangeeta Naik as Madan Sena
  • Mulraj Rajda as Father-in-Law

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 10 – “The Prince and the Three Sensitive Sisters”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 10

  • Bijaya Jena (Dolly Jena) as the most sensitive princess Mrigangvati,
  • Rajni Bala as Taravalli
  • Mohan Choti as Munim
  • Vijay Kavish as Prabandhak
  • Sunil Lahri as the Prince
  • Lilliput as the Servant
  • Rama Vij as Indulekha

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 11 – “Whom Will the Princess Marry?”

Short Summary: Once the princess decides to leave her palace and go around and visit places in her kingdom. On her way she meets a Birdman who understands and talks with birds. Impressed by his unique skill she asks him to come to the palace and teach her, too. She then meets a Weaver whose woven cloth is very fine and has good export demand. She wishes that she could weave with such ability. On her journey ahead she falls ill and is hence treated by a Vaid (Doctor in Hindi language). Looking at the philanthropic work he does, she expresses that she too wishes to leave her palace and help poor people just like he does. On her way back home, she is attacked by dacoits and a Brave Man saves her. Back in her palace, the King decides that she should now get married and announces that all suitable Grooms can present themselves.

Question: Of the Birdman, Weaver, Doctor and the Brave Man who will the Princess marry?

Answer: Vikram replies that the Princess will marry the Brave Man as with him she would always be secure. Other attractions she had for other men would not last long enough.

Other Cast of episode 11

  • Vijay Arora as the Birdman
  • Puneet Issar as the Brave Man
  • Satish Kaul as the Vaid
  • Vijay Kavish as the Weaver
  • Mulraj Rajda as the King
  • Rama Vij as the Princess

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 12 – “Who Is the Real Father”

Short Summary: Bhagwati and her daughter, Dhanwati are new to the town. At night, they meet a thief who would be prosecuted the following day. The thief offers Bhagwati to marry her daughter, saying that after he is hanged, all his wealth would be theirs, and he will also get a son to perform his rituals after his death. Understanding the mutual benefit, the two get married on the same night and are blessed witha son. The next day, after he was hanged, the mother and daughter go to discover the immense riches of the thief. Using his wealth, they lead a lavish life. Bhagwati now offers Dhanwati to a man, who in the greed of their wealth, readily agrees. On the wedding night, he runs away with all their wealth. Losing all her wealth and her mother subsequently, Dhanwati roams the streets to beg for food with her young boy. Once they saw the prince being engulfed by a python. The young boy tried to save him, but to vain. Nevertheless, his bravery was seen and rewarded for by the king, who in turn offered them patronage and made the boy the King upon his death.

Question: Of the three men, whose rituals must the boy perform?

Answer: Vikram replies that the thief who married Dhanwati a day before the prosecution is the real father. The second man married Dhanwati out of his greed, while the king due to his moral duty gave them shelter. So, the son must perform the rituals of the first man.

Other Cast of episode 12

  • Rajni Bala as Bhagwati
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as the Greedy Man
  • Puneet Issar as the Thief
  • Babloo Mukherjee as Dhanwati’s Son
  • Sangeeta Naik as Dhanwati
  • Mulraj Rajda as the King

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 13 – “The Giant and the Brave Boy”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 13

  • Vijay Arora as the King
  • Rajni Bala as the Boy’s Mother
  • Deepika as the Queen
  • Lilliput as the Boy’s Father
  • Sameer Rajda as the Brave Boy
  • Shamsuddin as the Giant

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 14 – “Love Is Eternal “

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 14

  • Vijay Arora as Haridatt
  • Satish Kaul as Madhusudan
  • Kaajal Kiran as Madhumalti
  • Sunil Lahri as Vaman
  • Mulraj Rajda as Pandit

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 15 – “The Lover of Princess Chandraprabha”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 15

  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Mantri Putra
  • Deepika as Princess Chandraprabha
  • Vijay Kavish as the Magician’s Son
  • Lilliput as the Magician
  • Babloo Mukherjee as Manu Kumar / Manu Kumari
  • Mulraj Rajda as the King

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 16 – “The Dilemma of Mahamantri and King Vallabh”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 16

  • Vijay Arora as King Vallabh
  • Rajni Bala … Mahamantri’s Wife
  • Ramesh Bhatkar … Mahamantri
  • Lilliput as the Painter
  • Shamsuddin as Rakshas
  • Amrita Ghosh as the Gandharv Kanya

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 17 – “The Unsuccessful Penance of Gunkar”

Short Summary: Gunkar loses his poor father’s all hard-earned money in gambling. He is hence kicked out of the home. Wandering, he meets a saint who with his yogic powers can bring forth anything that one wants. Gunnar asks the saint to teach him power. Saint agrees and asks him to follow the two-fold way of attaining the power. Midway after completing the first step Gunkar decides to go home and meet his family. He asks the saint to bring in some clothes to take to his home as gifts. After returning, Gunkar finishes his second step. But he is not able to get the power.

Question: Betaal ask for what reason Gunkar could not attain the power although he did just as he was instructed by the saint?

Answer: Vikram answers that Gunkar failed as he did not follow the way properly as he was distracted and cut it into two and went home.

Other Cast of episode 17

  • Rajni Bala as Gunkar’s Mother
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as The Saint
  • Vijayendra Ghatge as Gunkar
  • Lilliput as the Gambler
  • Mulraj Rajda as Gunkar’s Father
  • Amrita Ghosh as the Apsara

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 18 – “The Story of Rajkumar and the Bird”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 18

  • Sunil Lahri as Rajkumar Jimutvahan
  • Lilliput as The Chief

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 19 – “The Gambling Temptation of Gopu”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 19

  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Gopu
  • Deepika as Ratna
  • Lilliput as the Gambler
  • Mulraj Rajda as Ratna’s Father

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 20 – “The Realization of Prince Anandsen”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 20

  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Haribaba
  • Deepika as Princess Roopvati
  • Satish Kaul as Yuvraj Anandsen
  • Mulraj Rajda as Raja Dharamveer

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 21 – “The Legendary Love of Sukesh and Legendary Duty of King Dharamveer”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 21

  • Vijay Arora … King Dharamveer
  • Rajni Bala as Pari
  • Suraj Chaddha as Sukesh
  • Anil Chaudhary as Mantri
  • Deepika Chikhalia as Nandini
  • Vijay Kavish as Divya Atma
  • Lilliput as Jadoogar Abhijeet
  • Vilas Raj as Pradhan Mantri
  • Mulraj Rajda as Yashwant Dubey
  • Vikram Sahu as Nagar Seth

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 22 – “The Love Story of Four Princes”

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 22

  • Vijay Arora as Prince Govind
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Prince Amar
  • Deepika as Rajkumari
  • Satish Kaul as Prince Ajay
  • Vijay Kavish as Chamatkari Yogi
  • Sunil Lahri as Prince Vijay
  • Lilliput as Rakshas
  • Vilas Raj as Vaidya
  • Mulraj Rajda as Rajah

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 23 – “The Justice of King Satyadev”

Short Summary: Princess Priyavanda falls into love with the court poet Haribhat. Haribhat and Princess exchanged letters of love regularly. Haribhat however was not in love with her, rather her wealth and the kingdom. One day the king’s arch enemy Dharamdev arrives to forge an alliance by asking Priyavanda’s hand in marriage for his son. When the poet got to know about this, he asked Priyavanda to give him all her jewels and precious articles, otherwise he will leak out their love letters to her in-laws. This is heard by the thief Kaliya. He goes to Haribhat’s home, kills him, and returns the letters to Priyavanda. But he is caught by the soldiers. Priyavanda requests her father to free him, for he had protected her self respect.

Question: What must the king legislate?

Answer: A king must order in the favour of his kingdom. He must punish the long time thief, regardless of his act towards the princess.

Other Cast of episode 23

  • Vijay Arora as Kavi Haribhat
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Kaliya
  • Bandini Mishra as Rajkumari Priyavanda
  • Mulraj Rajda as Raja Satyadev
  • Hari Shukla as Raja Dharamdev

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 24 – “The Dreams of Dagdoo “

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 24

  • Rajni Bala as Dagdoo’s Mother
  • Paintal as Dagdoo
  • Mulraj Rajda as Maharaja

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 25 – “The Story of Greedy Apurva “

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 25

  • Vijay Arora as Rajkumar Ambrish
  • Ramesh Bhatkar as Apurva
  • Anil Chaudhary as Vyapari
  • Deepika as Anjali
  • Sunil Lahri as Satyakam
  • Mulraj Rajda as Avinash

Vikram Aur Betaal Episode 26 – “The Revenge of Nagin “

Short Summary:



Other Cast of episode 26

  • Vijay Arora as Yuvraj Shaktinath
  • Rajni Bala as Princess Arundhati
  • Anil Chaudhary as Arundhati’s Brother
  • Deepika as Nageshwari
  • Mulraj Rajda as Raja Hargovind Das

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