Feel Good Season 3

Feel Good Season 3: Netflix Has Finally Renewed It? [Recent Updates]

Feel Good Season 3: When it comes to romantic and drama series, Netflix has always been there. The platform has worked hard to make shows that are great and reach us with full passion. They have a special place in their hearts for the LGBTQ+ community, and why wouldn’t they? Feel Wonderful is here to help you feel good when the rest of the world ignores them when it comes to developing shows and only cast straight people as the main characters.

Feel Good is a series of episodes that tells the narrative of Mae and George. The first season was released in 2020, and it was an instant hit all around the world. Thousands of people tuned in to see the series when it first premiered, thanks to Netflix, of course. The series is based on a Netflix Original production, and as a result, it has gotten a lot of attention from the public.

When Feel Good Season 3 comes to Netflix, the service has a number of legendary shows that will be remembered for a long time. Netflix was the only option to get away from reality in 2020, when the world was in the midst of a pandemic season. The audience, particularly the queer community, praised the series when it aired since it actually inspired them and was based on their own life.

Fans of this Romantic drama series have already seen two seasons and are now concerned about its future. While Mae and George’s relationship continues to be a source of controversy, fans are eagerly anticipating the Feel Good Season 3. We’ll go through everything that happens in the series here. This post is for you if you are a great fan of these series and have already seen the first two seasons. Continue reading to the end of the article to learn everything there is to know about the series.

What Does It Mean to Feel Good?

Feel Good is a web series set in the United Kingdom that explores the romance and turmoil of two homosexual persons. The series is based on Netflix’s original content and showcases their expertise in producing their own programmes.

The series was created by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson and first aired on All 4 networks before being syndicated internationally on Netflix. It drew a large number of people, and the show’s ratings dramatically improved.

First and foremost, the series depicts some of the most incredible and eye-opening experiences that a person may have. This is the programme for you if you are a total advocate of homosexuality and have always enjoyed such shows. Following the incredible storey of two couples that have their own challenges with their life and sexuality, we believe this is something that reflects the LGBT community’s relationship. This show will captivate you with its beautifully constructed set, excellent acting, and intriguing storyline.

Feel Good chronicles the life of comedian Mae Martin and his hidden sexual impulses. It’s one of Netflix’s hidden jewels that doesn’t have the same level of popularity as the other shows, but it still has a devoted fanbase that’s excited for the Feel Good Season 3.

Feel Good Season 3

Is Feel Good Season 3 on the Way?

Feel Good was first broadcast on Netflix in the year 2020. The series drew a lot of attention because it came out as spectacularly as it did. The storey follows the lives of two couples who are still exploring their sexuality with one another. The Feel Good Season 3 provides a wealth of information that individuals should view in order to better understand their psychological and physical needs.

Enjoy the sexuality of Mae, who is going through a difficult time in her life, and her messed-up girlfriend, who is still trying to figure out her feelings and obligations to her partner. The first season of the love drama began with a lot of anticipation and concluded with a lot of unanswered questions, which were answered in the second season.

The lives of these two persons and their connection were also the subject of the second season. We finally learned how they genuinely felt at the end. The storey came to a close with no room for further development. However, because of their personal involvement in the couple, the public continues to want another partnership.

Officials have yet to confirm anything in this regard. The second season consists of six episodes that properly determine the series’ conclusion. Following that, the officials never provided any confirmation.

Feel Good Season 3 has yet to be announced, although we believe it will be improbable. The storey came to a conclusion and was formally closed. There are no plans for a second season. Fans must understand that the second season is the series’ final season.


Feel Good has all of the ingredients to become a big Netflix show, but it somehow manages to slip between the cracks and become a hidden gem. Discover a lot about the queer community through the series, and have everything you need to help the project succeed. The show is around two couples and their messed up lives who still chose to be with each other after two seasons back to back.

Finally, the show will not be renewed, and the series has already concluded. The show has received a lot of favourable comments from the audience, and the ratings are very good, with critics complimenting the show and mostly giving positive criticism. If you’re a fan of Feel Good Season 3, you can catch up on Feel Good Season 3 on Netflix.

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