3 Steps Great Strategies for a Prosperous Business, Soaring Sales Until You Can’t Hold It

Online marketing, anyone can do it. But why do it and sales still the same?
Today we are going to tell you 3 steps, and great strategies that will make your business great, and increase sales.

1. Buyer Person

Buyer Person: Create customers, and identify your target audience.

Do you know your customers well enough? Have you missed it if you still think “Everyone is a customer“?

If you’re still marketing with no goals, dead ads, sales will be the same. so you should Identify target customers (Buyer Person) who will come to buy products. or use your service

Start by studying customers by specifying Customer Demographic or customer demographics such as gender.

  • age
  • address
  • income
  • attention
  • hobby
  • lifestyle

after that give Ask questions about your target audience, for example:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What is their problem?
  • What is he searching for?
  • From what sources do he usually look for information?

from the study of customer data, It will allow us to know our customers better. Make it understand the true needs of customers. Make it easier to market to your target audience.

The more you know your customers The more we reach our target customers. As a result, the chances of closing the sale are higher as well.

2. Tools & Goals

Tools & Goals: Choose the Right Tools to increase sales to surpass

When we know who our target audience is The next step is to choose the right online marketing tool for your goals. There are many online marketing tools available. with different properties

Marketing through Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Marketing through this channel has the advantages that are easy to use, low cost to start, and able to identify the Buyer Persona in detail. And there is a report of measurement results after advertising. In addition to using Social Media to close the sale, We can also use it to create Brand Awareness for customers to know the product. and our brand

for tools marketing for websites What you should not overlook is Google Analytics which can be used to collect data. and website traffic statistics, which Google Analytics can collect and analyze in detail How many people visit your website? What pages do you spend on your website? How many minutes and seconds to visit, which will be displayed in Real-Time

A good tool has to be measurable. Because it will help you see the overview of the business more clearly.

3. Channel

Chanel: Content Marketing Promotion Channel

When we choose the tools to use in online marketing. The next step is to set your advertising budget. and allocating budgets into various promotional channels to make your campaign achieve its purpose

The key to content marketing promotion is that you need to know what type of content you have, Earned Media, Paid Media, or Own Media to create a strong strategy. and able to penetrate the target group

Earned Media is a media that does not cost money to buy. It’s what customers talk about and tell your brand online. Like, Share, Retweet, and comment on your media. “It’s the best marketing” because it’s word-of-mouth marketing. that marketers around the world want to happen to brands

Paid Media is paid media. Whether it’s online or offline, where you pay for advertising space. To reach target customers, we will use Paid Media to bring customers to our Own Media, for example, we shoot Facebook ads to bring customers to your Website or Line to close sales, etc.

  • Paid Media including Print Ads, TVC, Display Ads, Paid Search, Promoted Posts on Facebook Sponsored Tweets, etc.

Own Media is media that you own. Created to communicate with customers, whether it’s Social Media or your brand’s website such as Website, Mobile Apps, Blog, and Facebook Fan Page, etc. When customers come to Own Media, they will carefully consider whether it is Content, convenient. in use, design, themes, and images within the media So you have to make sure that your media can attract customers. and must be updated regularly

All of these are 3 Steps in Online Marketing Strategies. That will help the business to prosper, increase sales, and increase customers by landslides

For anyone who has never used online marketing or used ineffective Then try to apply the strategies that we offer to see. Absolutely great sales.

“Everyone is not a customer. So you need to know that Who is your customer?”

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