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25 Most Profitable Businesses to Invest In 2022

As an entrepreneur, you may aspire to build a thriving online business from scratch, but that’s not the only path you can walk. Buying online businesses is now a thing, and if you’re smart about it, it can be an excellent financial decision. If you’re willing to take the leap, but you aren’t sure what kind of venture to invest in – or where to start – this post has got you covered with a compilation of some of the most profitable businesses.

Whether you prefer a niche-based online store or a subscription box business, there’s something for you on this list. Browse toys, office furniture, electronics, and more – all of these online shops have an established customer base, reliable cash flow, and strong brand recognition. Plus, they’re all for sale on the Exchange Marketplace, so you can acquire a successful business without having to leave the couch.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes these businesses unique.

25 Most Profitable Businesses to Buy In 2021

1. Studio58 Hair Extensions

Studio58 Hair Extensions is a well-recognized brand with three types of luxurious extensions: Indian Remy, Luxury Mongolian, and Virgin Russian. All items for sale are made from 100% human hair. As well as quality hair products, the brand also offers accredited hair extensions courses worldwide. If you’re looking for profitable businesses that make money right away, consider investing in a well-known company like Studio58 Hair Extensions.

Average profit per month: $14,536

2. stylishgram

One of the most profitable businesses in the gift/decor niche is stylishgrarm, a dropshipping store targeting individuals who need a gift, lovers of science, space, night lights, and cool designs. The store started with one product (a 3D solar system crystal ball) and then added other crystal balls as the demand soared. Today, stylishgram sells necklaces, crystal balls, lighting, and more to come in the future.

Average profit per month: $12,000

3. Gnarly Tees

Gnarly Tees is one of the best t-shirt POD (print on demand) companies on the internet. It has a huge organic presence on Google and Pinterest, which helps it generate profits without advertisements. Using ads to promote the world’s best designs on hoodies, tank tops, tees, and more can further improve the company’s profitability.

Average profit per month: $10,000

4. Dream Posture

Bad posture can be detrimental to our overall health. Dream Posture aims to prevent the damage by offering corrective posture  therapy back brace for men & women. The product is designed to restore the body’s natural posture in as little as two weeks. While the company primarily sells posture correctors, it comes with the opportunity to cross-sell related medical devices like the neck, wrist, and knee braces under the same brand name.

Average profit per month: $9,104

5. StarSystems

Inspired by the extraordinary nature of space systems, StarSystems creates awesome space collections that help consumers get closer to the galaxies. It’s one of the few profitable businesses that sell gender-neutral products and are liked by audiences in every age range and all over the world. These items have the “cool” factor and can fall under several categories, including space/solar system gifts, toys, and gadgets.

Average profit per month: $8,800

6. Getshoelove

Getshoelove does simple business. It sells a feature sneaker cleaning solution and many other shoe cleaning products on the side. The brand’s flagship cleansing foam and rotating brush thoroughly clean people’s kicks so they can rock that fresh look everyday. The products are safe to use on materials including, nubuck, nylon, leather, vinyl, cloth, rubber, etc.

Average profit per month: $8,000

7. Babyyful

If you’re searching for the most profitable businesses in the baby niche, Babyyful might be worth a look. It’s mostly a website targeting new parents who want their children to look just as stylish as them. Babyyful sells useful products such as cozy rompers and anti-slip socks with cute designs, equipping new parents with the resources they need to be successful.

Average profit per month: $7,500

8. Trevoc

Trevoc is a brand established to deliver the full spectrum of fine jewelry experience. Its gold and silver jewelry are designed to remind the female audience of their self-worthiness, self-worth, and how beautiful they are. With a unique brand identity and a thriving community of brand ambassadors, Trevor has the potential to grow into a multi-million dollar asset with the right CEO and team.

Average profit per month: $4,326

9. Modern Rustic Home

Modern Rustic Home is a uniquely curated online store fueled by a passion for creating a cozy and fresh home environment. Its curated collection of both manufactured and handmade products infuses an “old and new” vision and provides consumers with a full spectrum of all the unique pieces they need to make their house feel like home. With sales coming from various channels (Houzz, Amazon, word of mouth, etc.), Modern Rustic Homes is one of the most profitable businesses in the market.

Average profit per month: $4,000

10. Lux-Lumens

Lux-Lumens is one of those profitable businesses that’ll help you earn passive income. The company sells LED Ceiling Lights and Pendant Lights that are exclusively available in traditional retail outlets in Singapore. Since the existing owner uses dropshipping to fulfill all the orders he receives, you won’t have to worry about inventory if you decide to invest in it.

Average profit per month: $3,000

11. Classy Norway

Classy Norway is a luxury watch brand that strives to deliver the Norwegian watch style to every corner of the world. The company stocks men’s and women’s watches, and sells other useful items such as device chargers and Bluetooth earphones. The owner of this business is open to providing mentorship to whoever decides to buy Classy Norway.

Average profit per month: $2,500

12. The Rideshare Shop

Catering to a large, multi-billion dollar industry, The Rideshare Shop is one of the most profitable businesses in the carpooling niche. It strives to offer the most versatile and durable vehicle accessories. People may need to feel more confident while on the road and, more importantly, be safer and more productive while driving. The brand also takes the perspectives of delivery and rideshare drivers into account to offer prospective customers with the best products on the market.

Average profit per month: $1,629

13. Get Into The Limelight

Get Into The Limelight has built a business around self-tanning products that inspire confidence within a large and diverse community. It caters to several demographics that other brands too often ignore, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, plus size or people with varying body compositions, and those with skin conditions. The brand has a strong following on Instagram and partnerships with Macy’s and Ipsy.

Average profit per month: $1,600

14. Blackhead Care

Whether someone is battling with blackheads or stubborn pimples, with Blackhead Care, they’ll look as if they never had a mark on their face. Its flagship product – the Blackhead Care cleaner – has a powerful battery that allows users to clean their skin anytime and anywhere without being connected to a plug. It features four changeable heads that offer different functions and promise a clean face for every skin.

Average profit per month: $1,367

15. Snorkel Star

Snorkel Star sells trendy new snorkeling products that let people swim underwater without bulky equipment or a mouthpiece. Its Sea Snorkel mask is comfortable to wear and offers a full 180° view underwater. The product comes with an adjustable elastic ribbon, so users no longer have to worry about breaking their hair while putting on the mask.

Average profit per month: $1,000

16. Oia Swimwear

Oia Swimwear is a Greek-inspired online swimwear shop with authentic designs and the lowest prices. All the bikinis, cover-ups, one-pieces, and beach towels you’ll find on this site have a distinct Mediterranean flair. Plus, the brand works hard to engage customers with its newsletters, blog posts, and passionate community so they can feel confident wearing Oia Swimwear’s products.

Average profit per month: $822

17. Tèaura

Tèaura sells high-quality teas and teaware to those passionate about tea quality and wellbeing. It managed to become one of the most profitable businesses by meticulously sourcing from estates in Japan, Taiwan, South Africa & China and selling the product in the US, Switzerland & UK. There is a high demand for quality brews in these countries, and the consumers are less price-conscious, so there’s ample opportunity to earn a good margin.

Average profit per month: $739

18. CityCaps.Co

This brand is a fashion label rooted in modern culture, with a specific vision on men’s and women’s hats– all of CityCaps.Co’s products are designed in a concept that adapts from season to season. The result is a unique range of hats that anyone would love to buy. From college -goers to working dads, the products have a wide range of audiences that they can be sold to.

Average profit per month: $700

19. Oui Oui Frenchie

Oui Oui Frenchie is a one-stop-shop for unique dog apparel, collars, leashes, and more. It focuses on small to medium breeds like pugs, corgis, and Frenchies, and offers the best fitting clothing that can’t be found anywhere else. The brand offers more than just dog products – you can find many types of home goods, clothing, and accessories for dog parents in the Oui Oui Frenchie online store.

Average profit per month: $674

20. Hplify

Hplify serves the women’s fashion market, targeting 50+ countries in the world with high-quality shoes, clothing, and accessories. Besides fashion, Hplify has health, outdoor, home, technology, and security products for consumers to buy. If you’re looking for profitable businesses with a short learning curve, you may want to consider investing in this fashion and apparel brand.

Average profit per month: $618

21. The Karma Box

Subscription boxes make great gifts. Honestly, how fun is it to get a surprise in the mail each month? Realizing the potential, the founders of The Karma Box designed a subscription box that allows consumers to discover hand-picked, new and unique natural beauty brands, health-conscious eats, swoon-worthy home décor, and fitness essentials. The box has been a hit among health-conscious women, generating enough sales to make The Karma Box one of the most profitable small businesses on Exchange.

Average profit per month: $500

22. Just Paint by Number

Easily one of the most profitable businesses in the arts & photography niche, Just Paint by Number offers a range of custom and premade paint by kit number. All kits come with a canvas with light numbers and lines printed on it, as well as paintbrushes and corresponding paints. Painting each area marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color brings the canvas to life.

Average profit per month: $400

23. The Perfect Broom

The Perfect Broom earns a profit by selling rubber squeegee brooms. It’s basically a one-product store, though the owners occasionally do some cross-sells. Whether you have to clean floors, windows, pet hair, wet spills, or anything else, this online shop has got you covered. Whoever acquires the business can further its revenue by focusing on SEO and running retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Average profit per month: $250

24. FlightPose

FlightPose sells a super versatile and high-quality display stand for starships, aircrafts, or just about anything you want to showcase in an “in-flight” pose. Although the product was initially created for airplane models, it can be used for a range of toys such as Star Wars Vehicles (Lego and Hasbro) and Macross Valkyries. Adjustable rods enable FlightPose to support and display models of various shapes and sizes.

Average profit per month: $170

25. UrVoilet Solutions

This venture has the potential to become one of the most profitable businesses in its niche. UrVoilet Solutions is branded around selling UV sanitization products, which no one has dominated since it is a new type of product that is available to consumers. As more and more people become conscious of their personal hygiene, UV products will be the modern answer to future sanitization standards.

Average profit per month: $68


Many people dream of starting a business and making it successful. However, profitability is hard to achieve, and many new business ventures fail. Buying an established business offers a great opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship without having to start from scratch. Not only are the products from an existing business market-tested, but you’ll also be able to start selling quickly. Hopefully, one or more of the profitable businesses in this post have inspired you to rethink your priorities and invest in an existing successful setup.

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