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25 Website Ideas to Make Money in 2022

Are you looking for website ideas that will make you money in 2021? Well, you’re not alone. The thought of earning online and breaking free of the corporate shackles attracts interest from all over the world. Whether you’re browsing Facebook, going through your Twitter feed, or reading answers on Quora, you’ll come across people who are seeking website ideas to make money from the comfort of their homes.

Interestingly, not all websites have the same earning power.

For example, you can’t expect a business blog to earn the same amount of money as an ecommerce website. While both have strong money-making potential, you’re much more likely to earn from an ecommerce site. Especially when you consider it could take several years to grow your business blog’s traffic high enough to generate an income.

Therefore, it’s best to work on creative website ideas that will hook, engage, and convert visitors.

25 Website Ideas for 2021

So, what type of website should you build in 2021? Here’s a list of 25 popular website ideas, along with a short explanation of each idea and a few tips and resources to get started.

1. Personal blog

Do you have an interest or hobby that is popular? Share it with the world by setting up a blog and publishing exciting content about it.

Promote your articles on social media and publish guest posts on other websites to gain initial traffic.

Once you have some numbers to show (like 500-1000 visitors a month), open advertising spots on your blog and collect a fee for your ad space. You can also monetize with affiliate links.

2. Online courses website

One of the most popular website ideas is to offer courses on a specific subject.

You can execute it by creating video, audio, and text courses that explain concepts in a particular niche.

Let’s say you want to teach people how to play the guitar. You can start by offering a beginners course and then create advanced courses on how to strum the instrument, play fingerstyle, and so on.

The more value you can provide to your audience, the more likely they are to pay you over free tutorials.

3. Portfolio Website 

When it comes to personal website ideas, you can build an online portfolio featuring your creations.

The idea is to showcase your talent and to increase your chances of securing a client.

This type of website works best for freelancers and creatives who are looking for work.

When potential clients ask them to share examples of their past work, they can just provide their portfolio website’s link. This is much more convenient than sharing multiple clips and URLs to demonstrate expertise.

When building your online portfolio, make sure to carefully curate the information that best represents who you are and the value you can provide to a target business.

4. Photo editing website 

Believe it or not, many people don’t know how to use Photoshop or any graphic tool at all.

You can charge them for adjusting white balance, deblurring images, and removing backgrounds from images.

Promote your site in Facebook groups, photography forums, and other similar places to attract potential customers.

5. Dropshipping store

Launching an ecommerce website is hands down one of the most profitable website ideas you can implement.

However, not everyone has the resources to handle excess inventory. If you’re selling products that you stock and ship on your own, then you’re running the kind of business that could occupy your entire schedule.

Dropshipping is one of the types of ecommerce websites that saves you from the hassle of storing your inventory.

All you need to do is list products on your site and take orders. Your suppliers will then pack and ship products directly to your customers.

6. Infopreneur website

If you have specialist knowledge about a particular subject or industry, an infopreneur website may be the perfect option for you.

For those unfamiliar, an infopreneur is someone who makes money by delivering information on the internet. This can be done through webinars, ebooks, online courses, videoconferencing, etc.

For the best results, your site needs to incorporate some of the tools that ecommerce websites typically use, including a good listing tool and a product checkout option. These features will allow visitors to purchase the information assets they’re interested in.

7. Product review website

One of the best website ideas for beginners is to build a product review website around a niche they’re passionate about.

Get started by choosing a product category such as camera gear, coffee machines, or whatever you like and write transparent reviews on what you think works and what doesn’t.

You can monetize these efforts through an affiliate program like Amazon Associates. Insert links to specific products in your reviews and get a commission when someone buys through your referral.

8. Question and answer website

If you’re on the hunt for creative website ideas, a question and answer site won’t leave you disappointed.

Simply give your students, customers, or followers a platform where they can post questions, and use your knowledge and resources to provide answers quickly.

Advertising will be your primary source of income, but you might be able to endorse products as well.

9. Resume website

Everyone from new grads to experienced professionals needs help with their resume. Why not set up a site that offers tips on how to make resumes appealing?

You can offer to improve resumes for a fee, charge for making one from scratch, and upsell resume design services.

What makes a resume website one of the most profitable website ideas is that you can make money in different ways.

10. Entertainment website 

No list of creative website ideas is complete without a mention of an entertainment website.

You can create a site around memes or hilarious videos, write fun emails, and create comics or lighthearted quizzes.

Most of such websites make money through advertising, but don’t be surprised if a big brand proposes a sponsorship deal.

11. Online forum

One of the best website ideas is to create an online forum where people sharing similar interests can interact with each other.

To attract passionate participants, start with a narrow scope. For example, you can build a discussion forum for new technology (like artificial intelligence), a digital marketing niche, or even a movie series.

Not only is this a great way to start building a community, but it also comes with ample opportunities to monetize the traffic you get on your site. Once your total member count rises, companies will approach you for advertising on your website.

12. Local job board 

As the name suggests, a local job board is an outlet where people can post and respond to job openings.

For instance, finding a dog walker, a gardener, or a physics tutor in a local area can be very challenging for some. A job site addresses this problem entirely and creates an income stream for the locals.

And of course, you as the website owner will be able to charge a small fee for access to the board.

It’s even possible to make some extra cash through ad sponsorships or selling direct services on the site.

13. Niche stock photo website 

Stock photography website ideas involve licensing images to others for commercial use.

Generally, people buy the right to use a stock image because it’s cheaper than paying a photographer to shoot a new photo.

You can set up a niche stock photo website and share 50-100 photos every week or month. The flip side, of course, is that you can sell a subscription for full access.

The niche can be something related to your interests. You can also make a list of potential customer segments that demand stock photos, then base your niche around their preferences or industry.

14. Podcast website 

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity, and the best part is they are easy to create.

Just like personal blogs, anyone can produce a podcast on just about any subject. You can talk about the latest trends, upcoming products and services, and consumer behavior in your episodes.

Podcasts allow you to not only earn money from the site but also from platforms where they’re published and listened to.

15. Quotes website

Millions of people search for quotes and sayings daily. And it’s easy to understand why. Quotes help support the arguments or the meaning of the work in which they’re being quoted.

You probably want to build a famous quotes website that pertains to a particular area or subject. However, the possibilities are endless once you have reached the potential in one area.

Because a site about quotes is one of those website ideas that generate a lot of traffic (i.e., if you get the marketing right), you can make money by selling ad space directly and running ads via networks like Taboola.

16. Coupon website

When it comes to online shopping, consumers will often spend hours searching for discount codes and clipping coupons on the web.

You can create a website geared towards helping them find the biggest savings possible.

Of course, you’ll need to work hard to get the website up and running. Responsibilities mostly revolve around updating the site regularly with new deals and promotions.

The cool thing about coupon sites is that you’ll get lots of opportunities to insert affiliate links to different companies and make money in the process.

17. Video website

If you’re a professional video or animation creator, one of the best website ideas is to create a site solely dedicated to video.

But instead of trying to set up something that will knock YouTube off the map, you need to choose a niche and target a specific segment of the audience.

Your niche could be makeup videos, cooking videos, funny animal videos, how-to videos, game streaming videos, etc.

Such website ideas can be monetized by implementing direct ad solutions and creating branded content for different companies.

18. Online coaching website

If you can position yourself as an expert in a specific niche, you’ll find tons of people willing to pay you for your time.

Consider setting up a coaching website and marketing it through social media and word-of-mouth to reach potential customers.

If you aren’t sure about who to target, community-driven platforms like will provide you with a list of potential clients to interact with.

19. Foreign language website

Many people are interested in learning a foreign language, so one of the best website ideas is to launch a language-based business.

Not only does it allow you to sell your services, but you can also make money by promoting affiliate language products like WT2 Language Translator.

Plus, you can earn extra income by offering paid travel advice to countries that speak the language.

20. Travel directory website

People always search for information on the web when they need to book an air ticket or find things to do in a foreign country.

So one of the best website ideas is to set up a travel directory listing information about travel-related service providers for lodging, food and dining, flight booking, etc.

You can promote the directory by partnering with travel influencers and getting featured in hospitality newsletters. Once it becomes popular, you can start charging vendors for listing their businesses on the site.

21. Home rentals website

Home rentals are one of those website ideas that will never be obsolete.

All of us need a place to live in, but not everyone can afford to purchase a house or apartment. This is where a home rentals website will come in handy.

Gather information on local property rentals and help the seekers. Monetize by selling direct space and start charging for listings once you get a fair amount of traffic.

22. Case study website

Case studies will always have a high demand. Many companies use them in their press releases and websites to create trust with potential customers.

You can create a case study website and fill it with reports and studies conducted in a specific niche.

You can also take the content of the case studies and use it to create videos, podcasts, or handouts for conferences.

When it comes to monetization, you can sell memberships for access to the content. For instance, $15 will give customers access to 5 case studies per month, $50 will provide them with access to 100 case studies per month, and so on.

23. Subscription box website

Nowadays, you can get nearly everything in a subscription box.

From fun gardening goodies to makeup sample boxes, set up a website to offer a new selection of products to your customers for a flat monthly fee.

Because people will usually sign up for recurring deliveries, subscription boxes offer you a stable financial model that you might just be successful in scaling – if you play your cards right!

24. User-generated news website

Creative website ideas like these are becoming more and more popular.

You can set up a user-generated news website where visitors can upload and share images, videos, and text.

As for monetization, you can sell ad space and content sponsorships to different companies.

25. Crowdfunding website

A crowdfunding website is a platform where individuals with innovative ideas can raise funds for their business venture, product, or social causes. People who like their vision will contribute money in small amounts so as to provide support to their projects.

You can use a website builder to create a crowdfunding website from scratch or hire a freelance developer who sets up the site as you get the word out about your upcoming site.

The best part about owning a crowdfunding site is that you can monetize it in various ways.

First, you can charge people for listing their projects on your website. Additionally, you can take a fee that’s a certain percentage of the overall funds raised after a project gains steam and the project owner raises the amount necessary to bring their idea to life.

Bonus: A Website You Can Sell

A lot of people create websites intending to build a sustainable business.

However, after a few years of hard work, you might find yourself interested in another business.

In that case, it’s better to sell your website here on Exchange than make a half-hearted effort towards its growth.

From all the website ideas we’ve seen so far, the best type of website to sell is an ecommerce store.

People prefer buying ecommerce websites because of the following reasons:

  • Low running costs: Compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses, an ecommerce business can be managed at a fraction of the price. There’s also no inventory to worry about if the site is using dropshipping for product deliveries.
  • An automated setup: There are software applications and tools to manage processes automatically rather than completing tasks manually. For example, site owners can use dropshipping tools like Oberlo to find suppliers all over the world and instantly add products to their online store.
  • Measurement & reporting: Ecommerce analytics present a wealth of information about visitors to the shop: what they’re browsing, what they’ve added to their carts, and more. This presents site owners with optimization-related opportunities that can make a massive difference to their success.

There’s also demand for other website ideas on the list, so you can try selling those too.

Gearing Up for Your New Website

There are lots of options when deciding what website ideas to execute. From a coupon website to a subscription box service to a local job board, many can help you make money in 2021.

Ultimately, your choice should be a balance between your knowledge and existing skills, as well as what you’re willing to focus on in order to make it successful.

From there, it’ll take some research to ensure that you’re implementing best practices to build a website that’s both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing – which are vital to being successful in the long run.

Finally, if you’re looking to build an online store that you can later sell for a profit, make sure to check out the Exchange Marketplace to get an idea of the sale price.

What website ideas are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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